About Us

Alright, here we are, at BorrowBlob.com. So let me tell you a little about us and how we came into existence.

The idea for BorrowBlob came about after having one of those frustrating days where we feel so helpless when something is needed and is just so hard to get, due to whatever reason. So, while experiencing one of those moments, the idea came about, there are many many platforms out there where we can buy and sell stuff, but what if we don’t want to buy, what if we just need something for the moment…

a little more thought into that and…. *Eureka moment*!!

Let’s have a platform, a medium, where we could share stuff with each other, we all have something or the other, that we may not be using, why can’t we just share that stuff, or even rent it out or rent it in from people in the community itself. Make it easier and more convenient… and needless to mention, less expensive.

With BorrowBlob you can fulfill your need of the moment and pay for what you need and for as long as you need it!

or if there is something not in use, or maybe an extra of something, Rent it out!

Start listing with BorrowBlob now and let the good times roll

Happy Rentings!!

Zaid Mohsin Kidwai.
Founder & CEO


David Rodgers
Co-Founder & COO