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What's the deal?


Its all about convenience

  • Its all about people helping out people..
  • Don't want to buy? Borrow it! Get a feel of it before making a purchase.
  • Going for a trip? Rent an item you don’t have, for the day, week, or month.
  • Car stays parked idle? Rent it and earn from it, let the car start paying you!

Share to rent

  • Going for a holiday? You could rent your stuff out and earn some while you are away.
  • Have extra things lying around? Help the neighbors, share with them!.
  • Don't want to throw something away but cant keep it? Rent it out.

Be creative

  • You can rent out a garage or maybe storage space.
  • Share your services, maybe you can water the plants or tell jokes at a party.
  • Why buy? When you use something occasionally or just once.